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Carnelian And Bloodstone 10kt Rose Gold Watch Fob (Antique)


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Once upon a time, we (and by we, we mean mostly men) didn’t wear watches on our wrists. Nopers. We wore them on little chains or straps of leather and kept them in our pockets. But to make sure that the chains or leather straps didn’t get caught on other things and stayed close to the body, small heavy “charms” called fobs were attached to add weight. Some fobs were simple or made of common materials. Some were made by companies as commemorative pieces. And some were made from gold and semi-precious stones and quite fancy. For those in the fancy circles of life, the fobs (like so many things) were seen as a symbol of status. The fancier the better. This two sided watch fob is semi-fancy and we think quite lovely.

What We Love About It: We love that it has a split personality (or maybe it’s just a Gemini). You can flip from one side to the other, depending on your mood, what you’re wearing or maybe who you’re trying to impress.

The Deets: The watch fob is made from 10kt rose gold (moderate fanciness) and bezel set on one side is a small slab of bloodstone (dark green with red flecks) and the other side is carnelian (reddish orange stone). The fob┬áhas a total weight of 5.1 dwt and it measures 1.0 inch in height (including bale) by 1.0 inch in width. The bale is twisted in a rope-like fashion (just waiting for a jump ring and a chain, which we’d be happy to quote for you and provide – just tell us what length you’d like) and the hallmarks (which we really haven’t investigated) are super clear and in fantastic shape, just like the rest of the fob.

These days, watch fobs are highly sought after, collectible and even traded like vintage baseball cards. Assuming that you don’t have a pocket watch that requires its use, how would you wear this? Pendant (we think it would be gorgeous as such)? Charm bracelet (also very pretty)? Or do you have some other creative use in mind? Tell us in the comments.