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Jewelry has always been my passion. It's one of the first things I notice about people when meeting them. My first purchase of a piece of antique jewelry was in high school, when my mom suggested it was time to buy a class ring. I explained I didn’t want the traditional kind that you purchased through the school. I wanted something different. Something old. A piece with history. A piece that already had a story, to which I could add mine. I suggested we go to the antique market being held at the local mall one weekend and there we found a rose gold wedding band (waaaayyyy before rose gold was cool again). We had it sized to fit me and engraved with my initials and the year of my graduation. I still have and wear that ring 25+ years later.
In college, I was pursing a degree in metal arts (jewelry making) until my parents caught on and decided a girl from Des Moines, Iowa would be better served with a business degree. While working on the metal arts degree, however, I also had the chance to apprentice at a local, family-owned jewelry store that had been around for 125 years (Joseph’s Jewelers - they’re still going strong at 145+ years in business). They granted me the chance of a lifetime to sit at the bench and study under their two master jewelers. It was the best education I’ve received.
While I did go on to get that business degree, my love for antique jewelry and jewelry design never faltered. I have an antique engagement ring from my love and a jewelry box full of estate and heirloom pieces that I’ve collected over the decades. I think it’s safe to say I do what I love.
So, make an appointment to visit our Historic Downtown Wake Forest studio. Shop the online store. Ask questions (we LOVE to talk about jewelry). And by all means, dream a little while you're here.
xoxo, wendykate
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